Seven Minute Declutter Challenge – Update, zone 2

Did you see how I got on in zone 1, the living room and hall?

The next Flylady zone to declutter was zone 2, the kitchen. I set my timer for 7 minutes at a time and started work on the kitchen cupboards – didn’t find many dishes or glasses to fling but I did straighten up all the food drawers and got rid of ‘junk’ like empty boxes and wrappers. Much easier to find things! (And it gave me a few ideas for my menuplan.)

One of the strangest finds in the kitchen cupboards was one of my favourite lipsticks…at the bottom of a tupperware tub filled with chocolates. Now how did that get in there? [whistles innocently]

Some days I didn’t set the timer, but used the time waiting for the kettle to boil or coffee to percolate to fling a few bits and pieces from the ‘junk’ drawer. I also went through the tea/coffee/hot chocolate drawer. Found lots of boxes of tea (that I didn’t really fancy) to give away. Kept the little packets that I wanted to try and put them in a tin box and threw away all the cardboard boxes. Loads more space. And have been enjoying more cuppas! πŸ™‚

All in all it was a great week. And I ended up driving twice to the recycling centre with two carloads of junk – hooray!

Next time I’ll be giving you an update on zone 3, the bathroom and my office.Want to join in the Seven Minute Declutter Challenge? It’s never too late to get started… Add your blog with the Linky below and let’s have a fling!

Have a marvelous Monday! πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Seven Minute Declutter Challenge – Update, zone 2”

  1. My kitchen cupboards are due for a clean up, too. I like the tea idea. I need to do that –too many boxes of tea everywhere!

    I use the 15 minute method a lot–thanks to you. I figure I can get a lot of little things done in that small time frame, and not feel like my whole day is gone.

  2. REALLY? Your lipstick in with the chocolates?? What a bizarre, freaky, totally random thing to happen!

  3. Diane, WHERE did you get the Bisquick mix?! (If it was bought here in DK and not brought back from the States) ty!

  4. Ms Caboo and C_Joy: Maybe next time you two get together, you can do some decluttering while you're waiting for the kettle to boil or sipping a whisky on the rocks? ;D

    Katiec: You can get it at Superbest, Strandvejen, Hellerup But I should warn you that it comes with a hefty Danish pricetag! It's also available online from Good luck and thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜€

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