Copenhagen kitchen – week 7

Well, well, well. We’re now well over halfway through the kitchen remodel and I can’t get my head round the fact that I’ll actually be using my new kitchen in just a couple of weeks – eek!

We decided in January that this would be the year we would go ahead and do it. My dear architect friend A-M (who teaches at the architect school here in Copenhagen) offered to help. She loves the style of our 3-storey 1930s house and knows our taste. Our house is built in ‘Bauhaus’ or ‘International’ style (made famous by the architect Le Corbusier in the 1920s) which basically means that our house looks like a big shoebox with straight, clean lines and has very functional rooms.

We bought our house when DS9 was a baby and love it and the plan is to live here for the rest of our lives… 😉 The only ‘problem’ with the house is that there’s no place to eat in the kitchen. Our dining room is too big when it’s just the four of us, so we eat in our garden room which has been a good solution until now, but involves carrying things to and fro through the main hall.

So A-M put her architect thinking cap on and came up with a portfolio of ideas which she narrowed down to three – all of which were brilliant and nothing we could have dreamt up ourselves! We then spent another month looking at our old kitchen with new eyes, adjusted the new plans accordingly and spent a couple of weekends finding the right model. We looked at around 8 kitchen shops but there was no competition – Poggenpohl, the old, established, Germany kitchen company was ‘just right’.

We’re using our usual local builders on the remodel side of things – we use them loads of times in the past. Because they take pride in their work, are reasonably priced and are just very, very nice! 😉 We’re on first name terms with them all – electricians, brickies, plasterers, joiners, painters, plumbers, etc. Which is a definite advantage when you have your house full of people from 7am til 4pm for almost 2 months.

So what has happened since last week? The painter has been here and done his job – looking good! Photo junkies can get their fix over at Picasa.

The two new windows and door (out to the deck/garden) arrived by lorry about an hour ago and the joiner is fitting them as I write. Then the plasterers can finish the floor and then…the new kitchen is being delivered on Monday – yippee! So don’t forget to check back here Monday. It’ll be interesting, promise!