Menu planning Thursday – 15 October 2009

Here’s the menu for the week. We’re still in the midst of the kitchen remodel, so simple is still the keyword! 🙂


  • Still visiting Mum and Dad, this is our last night in Scotland. Going out for dinner with DB (dear brother) and DN (dear niece) 🙂


  • Back to Copenhagen in the afternoon. Have ordered online groceres to be delivered today. We’ll be busy unpacking so will probably do something from the freezer like Danish meatballs, ricecooker rice, Goma dressing, salad and fresh veggies. Kids get their weekly ration of sweets tonight during the TV parade (Disney Show, Denmark’s Got Talent and Danish Dancing with the Stars).


  • Will need some comfort food. Thinking roastbeef, béarnaise sauce, boiled baby potatoes, tomato & chive salad. Simple and yum. And lots of red wine 😉


  • Happy families! Homemade pepperoni pizza and Krista’s brownies for dessert… Her recipe is here, scroll down and print out her dinky menu card. It’s that simple. And so is the recipe! 


  • First day back at school for the kids after the autumn break. Time to pull out my trump card…Danish meatloaf that I prepared a couple of weeks back (made two, put one in the freezer). Just needs to be cooked in the oven! My recipe is here


  • Scout night for the kids (at different times). Today it’ll be spelt burgers (from the freezer to the oven, 10 minutes), wholegrain buns, handful of crisps and a bowl of cucumber/carrot/pepper.


  • Spaghetti bolognese (pasta with meat sauce) with lots of fresh parmesan and a spinach salad. Kiddies food that we all love…

Bon appétit!