(Now there’s really) No Turning Back

Oh my word. Just realised that I have been blogging every day for another full month – hurray, I’ve finished a project! ;D

Not planning to stop here…of course. But what started as a ragbag of blogposts seems slowly to be taking shape. Each day of the blog week has a purpose. Nice to have a plan for each day, just like the Flylady does for your house + head. Great to have some focus because, as she so rightly says, “Focus makes you fabulous!”

Here’s how things are hanging right now:

SUNDAY: planning for Christmas

MONDAY: updates on our 2-month kitchen remodel

TUESDAY: easy crafts

WEDNESDAY: something about me, my family or life in Denmark

THURSDAY: menu planning

FRIDAY: things I love (I’m a very ‘black and white’ person when it comes to liking or hating things. The only grey around me is in my wardrobe -my base colour…)

SATURDAY: often a recipe for a cake or dessert, cos that’s when we like to be all ‘cosy’ at home πŸ™‚

So if you like what you’ve seen here, then hang around – there’s lots more in the pipeline. And if you’ve got a great idea, drop me a line – I’d love your input! πŸ™‚