Go grab your champagne glasses cos I’m opening a bottle of bubbly!

What’s the occasion I hear you ask? Not that one necessarily needs an excuse to drink champagne. We drank lots of the stuff when we worked in Luxembourg – it’s as cheap (and sometimes cheaper) than the wine there. Though, of course, the local Luxembourg stuff is called crémant and not champers due to strict French policing of the Champagne brand. But I digress!

I’m celebrating my one year anniversary with NEWO and Jonathan Roche. Who he, I hear you ask? Again. He’s the personal, virtual trainer of the Flylady. You knew it was all leading back to her, didn’t you… 😉

I had seen (but not actually read) his e-mails for months. Was actually getting annoyed by them – I didn’t need him, I HAD a gym membership and USED it a couple of times a week. But the Flylady kept going on and on about how wonderful he was, and that he used the same principles – babysteps.

I’ve always loved the Flylady’s radio show (indeed all of the shows from the big Flylady ‘family’) and one day, when I ran out of BlogTalk shows to listen to, I listened to Jonathan’s show. I know I said in my head, dang that Flylady! 🙂 But I liked what I heard. Love listening to his Boston accent and his catchphrases. Yep, we really are kicking-butt! 😉 How to get fit without any equipment. How to be creative with your workouts. You don’t need to go to the gym. How to make exercise a part of your life instead of that old ‘don’t have the time’ line.

Listened a few more times and really started thinking about things. No, I’m not overweight (actually have trouble keeping my weight up) but always had that tired feeling. Have had it for 10 years! LOL

So I got rid of my gym membership (didn’t like the music they played anyway), armed myself with my iPod and went outside and ran. (Those who know me will tell you what a strange sight that must have been.) I don’t think I managed even half a kilometer. But, hey, it was a start! I left a comment on Jonathan’s BlogTalk page:

  • 25–09–08 I’ve been ‘flywashed’ again! LOL I started listening to your show (after reading the testimonials that Flylady sends out), have just ordered the NEWO programme, and went out this morning for a RUN! (Normally just do aerobics classes at the gym.) Go you and go me! Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

And to use a corny cliché, that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Got off to a flying start. Crashed (of course) but got back on the NEWO bandwagon and today am doing just fine, thank you very much. Run two or three times a week (in all weathers and temperatures) and do (at least) the basic 6 minute strength training on the other days. And, yes, I feel like a NEWO rockstar! 😉

So we’re one year down the NEWO line. The Flylady was right. (Dang! Again!) Time to lift the bar a bit higher and set new goals. But right now, I’m just going to enjoy the small, personal victories. And the champagne. And some cake. And the icing on that cake? Ran my very first 5k in May (in a time of 36.25) and ran my second 5k two weeks ago (30.25).

Go Jonathan and go me! Bottoms up! 🙂