Michelin Star Pork Scratchings

We went out for dinner last night at Restaurant Herman which is part of Hotel Nimb in the Tivoli Gardens. It’s a Michelin star restaurant which means = painfully expensive, almost more staff than customers, lots of surprises on the plate, lots and lots of courses and, last but not least, the standard stack of fluffy handtowels in the ladies toilets, instead of paper towels or electric dryers.

We had a great night (because, of course, we were in the good company of our friends, Mark and Carine, who are staying with us as part of their Danish summer holiday) and had a perfect table overlooking the Tivoli Gardens (N.E.R.D. were playing on the open-air stage).

We were plied with rosé champagne on our arrival but, just to make sure there was an earthy connection, a waiter appeared brandishing a (very beautiful) glass bowl filled with…pork scratchings. But not just your common or garden pork scratchings – no, they were organic, made on the premises, lighter than air and dusted with herbs. Tasted good. But then again, what’s not to like about fried pork?

To be honest, I’m having trouble remembering everything we got to eat but, luckily, I had the presence of mind to take a few pictures during the evening. Amongst other things there were oysters, gem lettuce with truffles, scallops in a hazelnut soup (fantastic), turbot, foie gras with (a bit too many) variations of cherries, veal tenderloin and sweetbreads (love sweatbreads, me, just don’t think about where they come from!), cheese, and (in true Michelin style) not one, but two desserts. The ‘Frozen Camomile Tea with Honey Cake, Blackcurrant and Meringues’ was amazing. And to finish it all off, tea, coffee, and petit fours. Oops! Almost forgot the wine menu – 6 or 7 different wines chosen specially for each dish.

When we got our coats (we were the last to leave the restaurant), the very charming waiter even handed us a little white box. Breakfast. Organic rolls (made by the restaurant), fresh butter and chocolate milk (made by the hotel’s own in-house dairy). No doubt because, after an evening at Restaurant Herman, we’ll be living on porridge for the rest of the month… 😉