Supersize Me

When we were on holiday in France, we had lunch at Macdonalds. Doesn’t matter where in the world you go, you know what you’re getting at Macdonalds, we joked. But are things really the same the world over?

I told DS9 that I had heard someone on the radio talking about drinking sodas/fizzydrinks from Macdonalds and that the size was 48 oz.

Now, when I heard that on the radio, I actually thought I had misheard. Went to the kitchen and got out my Pyrex measuring jug and worked out how much that is.

That is three times what my Pyrex jug holds. If I convert it to European measurements, it gives almost 1.5 litres of liquid. Which is a ‘family’ sized bottle of cola for your typical Danish family. Something they might open on Friday night and expect to last the whole weekend – for the whole family.

Blinking hell, no wonder people are overweight if they are drinking those amounts of fizzy drinks! LOL Granted, that is the largest size available (and, of course, not everyone, orders the largest size) but it certainly gave a good family discussion about eating habits and food pyramids, not to mention what fizzy drinks can do to your teeth… On a side note, Danish children take a water bottle to school, and that is usually what’s in it.

For good measure (if you excuse the pun), we checked the largest size of a soda/fizzy drink at Danish branches of Macdonalds. The largest size available is 500ml, which amounts to about 17 oz or approximately one Pyrex measuring jug.

Food for thought, no?