Happy Monday! Are you in crisis clean mode? Hygge Christmas Flylady mission 26

Good morning from wonderful Copenhagen where the skies are currently grey, grey, grey… Not feeling ready for the week ahead? Take a few deep breaths and relax! I have a plan for you! I woke up feeling a little frazzled but a quick icy plunge in my She-Shack (our garden shed) changed my mood! My sweet friend Polly gifted me a beautiful Skandinavisk candle last week (SnΓΆ, the Swedish word for snow, a lovely light scent) and I’ve been enjoying watching it flicker while I sit in my tub! Taking a few moments for ourselves daily is absolutely essential – please don’t skimp on your self-care! For today’s hygge Christmas planning mission we are taking away the overwhelm you might be feeling with the state of your home…

Take a deep breath, grab your Christmas planning notebook and a cup of tea (or chilled water if you’re in the southern hemisphere) and lets go with today’s hygge Christmas planning mission, number 26 of 30!

Hygge Christmas planning

Why am I such a fan of the Flylady system? Because we just tackle things a little at a time. Our weekly upkeep clean stops us getting overwhelmed in the first place. Just 10 minutes (or even 5 minutes) is such a game changer!

Our hygge Christmas planning missions are straightforward and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. A little bit each day, and you’ll have a calm and collected holiday season. You can find my check-off list here (a Canva template you can modify). But you don’t need a list to start: watch today’s video, move your bahookie and start! If you miss a day or two, don’t go back. Just keep moving forward! We will have Super Missions in December…

The Flylady has a FREE workbook which you can download for free here. I show you how to use it in this video… (Also useful for planning a wedding, Hannukah, baby shower, Ramadan, etc)

Looking for recipes, crafts and more Christmas hygge planning? Here’s my FULL Christmas and seasonal series

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