Hello, hello, Monday is here! Flylady mission 21

Good morning from wonderful (sunny today) Copenhagen! I hope you slept well and are ready to tackle the week ahead? How did you spend your weekend? My Bestie, Erika from America, celebrated her birthday at our Copenhagen Bluetits swim on Saturday morning (fun photos coming up later in this post). But let’s start with today’s hygge Christmas planning mission! Tap below to watch and get this mission done sometime this week. But why not today? Five minutes on the timer and off you go – rah, rah, rah!

Hygge Christmas planning

And here’s a 60 second video I made yesterday, to give you a little bit of inspiration for this week’s Flylady Zone 3, the bathroom. Four quick tips for making your bathroom hygge! If you compare with the video above, you’ll see that our IKEA towels are over 5 years old and still going strong! LOL!

And now on to the fun photos… My Saturday mornings are spent swimming with my Copenhagen Bluetits Chill Swimmers group – such a lovely bunch of ladies! We celebrated Erika’s birthday (56 years young – Erika and I are the same age!). My friend Carmen (from Australia) brought along some warm-out-of-the-oven-and-still-on-the-baking-tray-sausage-rolls. Yum! One of my favourites! As you know, I’m Scottish and love ANY type of pastie, pie or food topped with or encased in pastry, ha ha!

Some of my friends are dealing with heavy stuff right now and we all agreed that making yourself get out and connect with a friend really makes all the difference. (If you can’t physically get out, make a phone call or send a text.) A much needed respite from all the thoughts tumbling around in your head. Plus a brisk walk in the fresh air or swim in the salty sea will certainly blow the cobwebs away too! Sea temp 10c/50f, sunny but very cold wind.

Copenhagen Bluetits Chill Swimmers

Are you feeling ready for the week ahead? Take a deep breath and relax. Follow the daily focus plan – it takes out the guesswork!

But back to our hygge Christmas planning! The missions are straightforward and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. A little bit each day, and you’ll have a calm and collected holiday season. You can find my check-off list here (a Canva template you can modify). But you don’t need a list to start: watch today’s video, move your bahookie and start! If you miss a day or two, don’t go back. Just keep moving forward! We will have Super Missions in December…

The Flylady has a FREE workbook which you can download for free here. I show you how to use it in this video… (Also useful for planning a wedding, Hannukah, baby shower, Ramadan, etc)

Looking for recipes, crafts and more Christmas hygge planning? Here’s my FULL Christmas and seasonal series

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