Guess what day it is? Hygge interview and Christmas Prep 2023, Flylady mission 18

Yes, you guessed it, Wednesday is here which is Anti-Procrastination day in Flylady Land! I’ve had my morning cold plunge, two cups of coffee, morning routine is done, still very dark outside but I’m feeling ready (as I will ever be) to attack the day! LOL! Today is the day we stop putting off tasks we have been avoiding…

So, without further ado, tap to watch today’s Flylady Christmas mission and let’s get stuff DONE!

Hygge Christmas planning

Have you been procrastinating on menuplanning…our habit for November? TODAY is the day to sit down with a pen and paper (or your digital list) and write out a few simple dinner ideas. It’s that simple! Need inspiration? Click here for all my menu plans!

Flylady habits for each month

Or perhaps you’ve been procrastinating on doing your weekly upkeep clean because you think you don’t have time to do it perfectly? Just do 5 minutes and do something!

Weekly Upkeep Clean – 10 minutes on each task – it doesn’t have to be perfect!

If Zone cleaning is your thing, a 90 second video about this week’s Flylady Zone, the kitchen!

This week’s Flylady detailed cleaning and decluttering Zone!

And, in other news, Robyn from Minimalist Home interviewed me about how we hygge here in Denmark. Watch the video below! She even tried using a plung pool, ha ha!

But back to planning… the missions are straightforward and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. A little bit each day, and you’ll have a calm and collected holiday season. You can find my check-off list here (a Canva template you can modify). But you don’t need a list to start: watch today’s video, move your bahookie and start! If you miss a day or two, don’t go back. Just keep moving forward! We will have Super Missions in December…

The Flylady has a FREE workbook which you can download for free here. I show you how to use it in this video…

Looking for recipes, crafts and more Christmas hygge planning? Here’s my FULL Christmas and seasonal series

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