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Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Who needs a reminder and a gentle kick in the Bahookie to get signed up?! The Get Organized HQ Virtual Summit – with over 100,000 attendees – is happening soon! Join me for my class: “Success at Home and Work with Easy Routines! (Simplify your day and achieve more with the Flylady System)” As I told you on Monday, Registration has started and – for a LIMITED TIME – you can get a free ticket! This online event features over 100+ experts sharing their BEST advice on organization, decluttering, budgeting, decorating, meal planning and more!

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Can’t wait for the Event to start? Fast-track with the🌟ALL ACCESS PASS – watch all presentations RIGHT NOW and forever (lifetime access)! Bonus materials, worksheets, cheat sheets, transcripts and surprises. One-time payment of $29 The price goes up tonight Sunday 27 August to $39! Get it at the $29 price by clicking here! Once you’re signed up, use the email link to come and join me in the Facebook group where we are already having fun, getting to know each other! Woo hoo!

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Exciting news! Diane in Denmark

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