Do you remember these? My mind is a blank! Scout, Guide, Brownie merit badges…

Happy Tuesday from Copenhagen where it’s Potato Week – the autumn break. A little light-hearted fun in today’s YouTube video…remember these?! Were you a Brownie, Guide or Scout – then you probably have some of these merit badges. But can you name them all? Spoiler: I got a lot of them wrong, ha ha! Grab a pen and paper and come join me – let’s see how many you can name… And, gosh, if you can guess the frog or Noah’s Ark correctly, you deserve a prize! I’ll put the answers at the very end of this post…

In other news, I’m keeping up with my daily and weekly routines!

Simple weekly cleaning plan

Need a run through of the Flylady system? See my Flylady Refresher Course playlist



My 1970s Brownie Guide merit badges!
  • Bee – Thrift (I should have remembered that one, being a Canny Scot! LOL!)
  • Saucepan – Cook
  • Pixie/Elf – Jester
  • Open Book – Book Lover
  • Scroll/quill pen – Writer
  • Scissors – Needlework
  • Goalposts/Fire guard – Home Safety
  • Frog – Swimmer (never would have guessed that!)
  • Teacup/Saucer – Hostess
  • Girl Standing – Athlete
  • Magnifying Glass – Collector
  • Arrow – Pathfinder
  • Brush – House Orderly (a Flylady in the making! LOL!)
  • Cat – Animal Lover
  • Oval yellow badge – Venture
  • Pencil – Artist
  • Noah’s Ark – Toymaker (never would have guessed that one either!)
  • Oval green badge – Journey badge (road)
  • Green Dancing Sprite is actually a Brownie!
  • 1975 World Venture patch – couldn’t find much info but can see they are being sold on Etsy! LOL!
  • Rectangle badge with two yellow bars – Sixer 211th Edinburgh pack

Hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane! Have a wonderful day!

LLAP! Hugs!