Heatwave weekend. Good morning from the seaside!

Heatwave in Copenhagen this weekend so we decided on the spur of the moment to head off to our holiday cabin on the south coast of Sweden (one hour’s drive door to door)…

Every day is the special occasion! What are you doing to make your day a little brighter, more hyggelig? Every day might not be good but you can find something good in every day…and you can even put it there yourself with minimum effort! Yesterday I had an early morning bike ride and breakfast by the sea with my beautiful Bestie. A short skinnydip seaswim, saw a few jellyfish (thankfully the little cute ‘silicone breast implant’ ones not the stingers). It was a lovely start to a very hot day ☕ Sea 16c/60f, air up to 32c/89f Hugs if you need one today!

Typical Danish summer breakfast

LLAP! Hugs!