Woo hoo, I’m ready with my cleaning/declutter list for Flylady zone 2, the kitchen! 🎉 Once again, in order to save on printing ink (said the canny Scot…), I typed my lists in black ink and printed them on coloured paper. If you don’t have a printer/don’t want to print, save/take a screenshot of the list and keep it on your phone. I’ve based my lists on my own kitchen and things to declutter in this area. Remember to adapt – make these lists work for you!

I printed my cleaning list and declutter list and put them back to back in a plastic sheet. Ready to cross off the tasks as I go! During the week I keep the list in my cleaning caddy. That way I can use any spare minutes I have to do one of the tasks. No more marathon cleaning sessions…do you hear me?! LOL! The aim is not to cross everything off the list this week but to keep moving forward in this zone and get something (anything!) done.

Here are some ideas to get you started! Simply copy/paste on to your own blank document.

Scan the room, put things away
Descale kettle/coffeepot/dishwasher
Dust ceiling/corners
Dust or wipe skirting boards
Dust flat surfaces/window sills
Wipe kitchen table/legs/chair/legs 
Wipe door handles/light switches/
fingerprints or marks on walls
Shine windows, glass door, mirrors
Detailed vacuum session (underneath/back fridge)
Wipe down cabinets/handles
Wipe/clean refrigerator/one shelf or drawer
Underneath sink/rubbish/recycling
Wipe down microwave
Wash cutlery holder
Tidy drawers/cupboards
Wipe around stove top, oven knobs, and oven door
Wash pillow covers

Kitchen utensils
Bowls, pots and pans
Baking paper/plastic bags/elastic band drawer
Water bottles/lunch boxes/thermos
Baking supplies
Tinned goods/pulses

Sand and oil countertops/chopping boards

Would you like some ideas for pampering, gardening and errand day in this zone? See this blogpost for inspiration! https://www.dianedenmark.com/2020/05/zone-2-inspirationerrands-self-care.html

Have fun!
LLAP! May the Danish hygge be with you!