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  1. Hey Diane, been loving the videos!!! You’ve inspired me to up my game in the wardrobe dept.!
    Here’s a good Flylady testimonial that I’ve kept…thought you might use it to make a video with. I also was wondering if you’d perhaps do a 27 fling boogie video – 27 to throw away, 27 to give away, 27 to put away, etc. The 27 fling boogie is what really helped get me started when I had a three story house along w/a basement – all full of clutter!!! Flylady’s statement ‘Your home is not a landfill’ really helped!

    I am not D. the writer of the oldie but goodie below, so if you use her stuff, please give her the credit. It’s one I re-read from time to time for inspo.
    Whenever I plant a new plant in my garden I have always welcomed them to my garden party and told them to ‘live long & prosper’!

    ~~K.D. Flying inside the Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, USA

    Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 03:47:02 -0000
    Subject: FLYLADY: Testimonial: I am a QUITTER! GO ME!!!
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    You need to know that I QUIT! :

    I QUIT being a martyr.
    I QUIT being a perfectionist.
    I QUIT giving control to others.
    I QUIT coming up with excuses why I shouldn't get rid of clutter
    I QUIT letting others put me down.
    I QUIT bad habits.
    I QUIT saying it and started doing it.
    I QUIT keeping unloved things.
    I QUIT procrastinating.
    I QUIT making mount washmore.
    I QUIT leaving dishes in the sink.
    I QUIT stinking thinking.
    I QUIT putting everything before my family.
    I QUIT putting everyone before me (unnecessarily).
    I QUIT walking around barefoot.
    I QUIT denying family and friends entrance to my home.
    I QUIT having yard sales.
    I QUIT saying "I can't".
    I QUIT missing out on the little things.

    I am proud to be a QUITTER!


    ~Fly Baby D. Buffalo, NY

    You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

    FLY to Thrive in 2005

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