Autumn reds, yellows and…blues!

I’ve had a case of the blues this week – or ‘blahs’, as I like to call them.  Nothing really the matter.  Just that autumn is my least favourite season and wet/grey/dark skies don’t agree with me 😉  Plus it can be freezing (4c, 39f) in the morning when we bike down for a swim, so it’s on with the woolly scarves, gloves and winter coat…

But can be positively mild and mediterranean in the afternoons.

For Pete’s sake, it was was 18c (64f) when I put out the garden refuse last night at 9.30pm!  Ugh, can’t the weather make up it’s mind?

Anyway, a bit of exercise is a good way to banish the blahs, so twice this week I’ve popped on my running shoes and hotfooted it over to the park as soon as it got light (about 7.30am).  Really should have remembered a plastic bag, though, because there were plenty of rich pickings from the chestnut trees.  (And – lucky for me – not a priest’s penis in sight! That smell? Must be the priest!  Phew! :P) 

Oh, and if the building in the background of that photo looks familiar, you’d be right. That would be Bernstorff Palace, which you’ll know as the residence of Birgitte Nyborg, Denmark’s first female Prime Minister in the tv series “Borgen” .

No secret service men or Borgen characters in sight this week.  I had the park and the chestnut trees all to myself.  And came home with a (slightly) lighter head and (very) bulging pockets…

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Diane 🙂