My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar – 16 December

Welcome to My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar!  Join me every day in opening a new door.  Just like last year, I’ve got a host of goodies to share with you – traditional Danish Christmas recipes, traditions, songs, games, decorations, crafts and landscapes… So sit back, relax and enjoy!


The weather in Copenhagen is incredibly mild this December (about 7c/44f) and we haven’t had more than two snowfalls – hooray!  Which means that it’s been easy to get around town and, more importantly, nice to be out and about in town, soaking up the Christmas atmosphere! On Wednesday I was in Copenhagen (for, amongst other things, a Christmas lunch) and – wow – it was so ‘warm’ that we even sat outside and enjoyed a great cup of joe on the teeny tiny balcony of a little coffee shop.  High, high above the bustling shopping street of Strøget…

and with wonderful views of the rooftops of Copenhagen…

Back down on the ground, there is – selvfølgelig – a small Christmas market.  It’s bang in the centre of town (yep, that’s Borgen, in the background) but it’s pretty ropey and not really worth your time or kroner.  So let’s keep moving!

It’s much more fun to wander around the small cobbled streets around Kompagnistræde.

Hmmmmm – I can see that Nordic food, powdered liquorice, back-to-nature decorations, antlers and draped animal skins are – once again – this year’s black!

And, just opposite, we spotted this funny wee basement shop (Kirk – the Danish word for “church”) which turned out to be…

…an Aladdin’s cave of Christmas decorations and other intersting whatnots! 🙂

All that window shopping sure gives you a thirst.  I decided on a julebryg (Danish Christmas beer).  Skål!

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow when we open the next door!

Diane :)

4 thoughts on “My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar – 16 December”

  1. Tak! Today's photos were great.
    Min mormor lives on Pilestraede in Copenhagen & I can not return as often as I want to.

  2. Hi Diane

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, it brings me many happy memories, I love Denmark. I am from Scotland and my eldest son has been in Denmark for 12 years now and I have 2 wonderful Danish granddaughters. My husband has not been able to travel for 3 years and we so miss coming over. Your stories and pictures are wonderful. Have a great Christmas.

  3. Hello fellow Scot! My family are coming over from Edinburgh at the end of this week – they love Danish Christmas too 😀

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