God sommer!

My kids had their last day of school today which – selvfølgelig – means that this is also my last blogpost until the start of the new term in mid-August…

Summer is here in Copenhagen!  More and more koldskål!  (Don’t know what that is?  Read http://blogs.denmark.dk/diane/2013/04/17/forarskriller/)

 Take a trip to the beach…Baywatch, go home! 😉

Don’t forget your sunscreen!

I’m planning to take it easy and will be enjoying the sights, smells and sounds that make me love Denmark and those crazy Danes.  Especially the signs!  Yes, yes, it’s childish, I know, but even after living here for 15 years, all those fart signs still make me laugh!  (For more of these silly signs, see my very first post on denmark.dk – Mind Your Language! and also Danish Anger Management , You Are What You Eat and Æ, Ø Å…oh, oh!)

Tee hee, I never tire of these signs!
Tee hee, I never tire of these signs!

See you on the other side!  God sommer!

Diane 🙂


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  1. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog posts and will eagerly look forward to August. Thank you so much.

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