Great Dane-ish Expressions (Part Seven)

My Danish friend V and I were running in the park the other morning and – as
usual – we had to watch our step as there were lots of dogs of various shapes
and sizes running loose (it’s one of the only parks in our area where they’re
allowed off-leash). I said, in Danish, “This is just like being in the Olympics
and running the 100m hurdles!”

Now, in Danish hurdles are called hækkeløb – literally “hedge
running”. No doubt from the days when hurdles were actually made of little
green hedges? How very quaint!

A morning run in the sun, complete with hedges...

A morning run in the sun, complete with

But let’s say you want to describe something as being a hurdle or obstacle?
Well, that would be en forhindring. So an obstacle course, or army
assault course, is en forhindringsbane.

And just how cold was it when
we ran? Well, it was -5c (23f) with a windchill of about -11c (12f). So I’d
describe it as dæleme koldt. Blinking cold. Blooming cold. Though,
if you pardon my French, others might describe it as…

  • pissekoldt (‘piss’ cold) – ruddy cold
  • skidekoldt (‘sh*t’ cold) – bloody cold
  • fandeme koldt (‘devilishly’ cold) – fu****g cold

Thank goodness the big thaw has started and temperatures are finally on the
up! ;)

Diane :)