My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar – 15 December

Welcome to My Danish Christmas Advent
! Join me every day in opening a new door. I’ve got
a host of goodies to share with you – traditional Danish Christmas recipes,
traditions, songs, games, decorations, crafts and landscapes… So sit back,
relax and enjoy!


Today I bring you…rullepølse! Rolled pork. One of the things that
features heavily in a Danish Christmas lunch…

Yummy rullepølse!

And the one you see here is not just any old rolled pork. It’s
hjemmelavet rullepølse
– the homemade kind! A long flat piece of raw pork
belly (best to order it in advance from the butcher), which you cover with
spices and lots and lots and lots and lots of pepper, roll up, tie up, boil,
then put in a press to cool. And then slice and enjoy on a slice of
rugbrød (ryebread). Some people like to top it with italiensk
(a mayo salad containing chunks of carrot of peas), others eat it
with slices of raw onion and cubes of pork jelly. But it’s always, always good
with a nice cold Christmas beer :)

Okay, so if I’m honest, I didn’t make my rullepølse completely from scratch this year. I
half-cheated and bought the pork from a Swedish butcher, all rolled and ready
for the boiling pot…

Rullepølse ready for boiling

Here’s our rullepølse press – made by my husband’s brother in school
woodwork class when he was just a nipper! ;)
They are quite hard to find these days…in fact, our press is now out on loan to
a friend!

Rullepølse press

Time to put the screws on the rullepølse before it goes into the
fridge to cool…

So am I making you hungry yet? Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow
when we open the next door!

Diane :)

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  1. hei Diane, do you think you could get the recipe to make rullepolse from scrach? it was one of my favorites when I lived in Copenhagen and i'd love to make it for old time sake

  2. Hi Andra! This recipe looks pretty authentic… Good luck and god jul! :o)

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