Christmas Planning – Monday 26 November 2012

So how is your Christmas planning coming along?  Are you nearly there – or nearly at your wits end? ;o)  In case you didn’t know…I’m following the Flylady and her Cruising Through the Holidays missions.  To ensure that I’m ready, rested and ‘raring to go’ come 1 December!

Last week I told you that I have finished the Xmas card envelopes: addressing them, stamps, stickers and so on.  On Friday we, at long last, received the school photos of the kids so I was able to order the actual cards – hooray!  I ordered them online and hopefully they’ll be here by the end of the week.  Cross your fingers!

I’ve now got most of the Christmas gift shopping done.  Only the ‘big’ electronic things left to buy.  The kids have also made quite a few gifts.  Here’s DS12 at the sewing machine, making a ‘draught excluder snake’ toy for his little toddler cousin…

DS12 has a ‘Sewing Machine Driving Licence’ from school! πŸ˜€

I’ve also got the ingredients for making peppermint creams, coconut ice and chocolate pistachio fudge, but we won’t be making those until December.

Ingredients for making yummy sweets…

This week I’ve got a few more goals.  To make our Family Christmas Advent Calendar – a day by day list of Xmas activities.  To put up the Christmas fairy lights in the garden.  And to make a final push of gift buying.  The first of December is approaching rapidly – time to pull out all the stops!

Hope my Dad and Brother will enjoy this year’s Beer Advent Calendar! πŸ˜€

Have a marvelous Monday – check back next week to see if we made it to the Finish Line!

Diane :o)