Danish Anger Management? Vent!

[This post is also published at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


I think I’ve solved the mystery as to why those crazy (but lovable) Danes are so darn happy.   Anger management!

Just go to any Metro station in Copenhagen.  Stand on the platform at the entrance to the train doors. There’s a special area – clearly marked with a white line – where those crazy Danes are encouraged to let it all out.   You’re not convinced?   Then look for yourself.   It says, in big letters, “Vent”.

To vent or not to vent? That is the question…

Ahhhhh, but hold on just a minute…   The text “Vent” is, of course, på dansk. Danish. So what you’re actually expected to do is “Wait”. As in ‘queue’.   Patiently.   Behind the white line.   Thereby allowing people to get off the train, before you attempt to charge in.

So anger management it isn’t…   But – let’s look on the bright side – at least the Danes are finally learning to queue!   Something we Brits are world-champions at…

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)