Pass the smelling salts, I’m buying Danish stamps

[also published at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs blog ]

On Monday I went online to buy Danish stamps in order to be ready for writing Christmas cards later this month.  Yes, yes, sending cards through the post is terribly old fashioned, but this is one Christmas tradition that I really like.  I keep a running list (in my Flylady Christmas planner) of how many stamps I need.  For example: 10 stamps to Denmark, 20 stamps to European addresses, 1 to the USA.

Looking back at last year’s list, a stamp to Europe cost 8½ Danish crowns.  That’s £0.97  Or  $1.55  Which – at the time – I thought was daylight robbery.  Ha!  Never underestimate Post Danmark – the Danish postal service…

Last year’s Xmas stamps

This year a stamp to Europe costs 11 Danish crowns.  That’s a whopping £1.26  A whole $2.  And need I mention an increase of almost 30%?!  (Though to be fair, as the cost of sending letters internally in Denmark has pogo-jumped by 45%, I suppose I’m getting off lightly.)

So this year I’ll be sending all my Christmas cards by B-post (second class).  Which in reality means that they’ll spend a few extra days hanging around in a postbag or postal room somewhere in Denmark before finally being sent on their merry way.

The Danes may be the happiest in the world and Denmark may be the ‘in’ place to visit but Post Danmark certainly don’t want you writing home and telling everyone else…

Oh, and the stamps I ordered on Monday at 1pm?  Yep, I’m still waiting for the postman to deliver them! ;D

Have a wonderful Wednesday!