Menu plan – Thursday 10 November 2011

Seems like it’s been a long week.  [She said, sipping chai, in her pyjamas at 8pm]  Not sure if it’s because it’s pitch black here by 5pm, because DH is away on business in Sweden or because there have been extra, extra, extra curricular activties.  But, even though I still struggle at menu planning (and often do it through gritted teeth…), it’s such a great stress-reliever that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Plus I’ve learned to cut myself some slack.  Pre-Flylady we ate quite a few takeaways.  Now we eat home cooked food six or seven nights a week.  But, hey, just because I menu plan, doesn’t mean that I have to make everything from scratch, right?  That would be going from one extreme to the other.  So, yes, I do have frozen pizza (and frozen meatballs and frozen veggie burgers) in my freezer.

This week I’ve cut myself some of that lovely slack.  Two of the dishes on this week’s menu (the duck and the curry) are coming from SmagsSag (run by friends of ours).  You place your order in the morning and it’s delivered to your workplace by 4pm.  Everything you need for the dish is in the box (right down to salt, ha!) and the – beautifully fresh – ingredients are already prepped.  So the only thing you need to do is to finish frying/heat through/sprinkle on the fresh herbs.  Food is on the table in 15 mins…  Now where did I hear that before?! ;D  And – bonus – our kids can prepare the whole meal themselves.  A great service for busy mums – especially as it’s healthier and cheaper than a takeaway pizza! 🙂

So.  Here’s this week’s menu at Casa ‘Slacker’ Copenhagen:

*  Wholemeal tortilla ‘calzone’ triangles (take a tortilla, top it with grated cheese, tomato sauce and ham or whatever you have left over – fold it in two and heat gently in the fryingpan until golden brown – cut into three and – voilà, instant calzone) made by DD9 served with veggie sticks

* whole family is over at school for dinner with DS11’s class (child + 1 parent start preparing food at 4pm, rest of family is invited at 6pm to eat/drink/be merry/do the washing up!)

Boller i karry: a Danish classic, mini pork meatballs in an sweet apple/curry sauce served with basmati rice (prepared in my beloved ricecooker)

All these dark winter afternoons =

hot chocolate with lashings of squirty cream and mini marshmallows! 🙂

Andesteg: another Danish classic, duck with boiled potatoes, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage, warm crisps and lots of yummy gravy

Suppe: Danish meatball, carrot and dumpling soup (straight from the freezer) served with homemade wholemeal bread

*  leftover night: which is usually wholemeal pasta and any veggies/meat that have lost their first blush of youth, homemade waffles for dessert

Bon appétit and have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Menu plan – Thursday 10 November 2011”

  1. I would love a food service like that here. It would save me some days of endlessly thinking about what to make for supper–I could actually concentrate at work!

  2. So jealous! We don't have anything like that anywhere near here.

    Love the litle calzones. My DS6 loves anything that involves tortillas, especially if he can do it himself.

  3. Well, come on over and dine with us – always room for one or two more! 🙂

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