Menu plan – Thursday 17 March 2011

It’s shaping up to be a busy weekend with family and friends and, of course, DD’s ninth birthday party with all the girls from her class.  If you want to know what the girls will be up to, go read Party Games.  This morning I baked 30 buns for the party (which are now in the freezer) and a cake for DD to take into school tomorrow…

And our menu for the week?

* DD has chosen pizza and icecream for her birthday dinner – no surprises there ;D

* out to the cinema to see ‘Rango’ so will have some madder (Danish open sandwiches)

* chicken and bacon puff pastry parcels (ready-meal from the freezer) with a salad of raw broccoli florets, red pepper and cherry tomatoes

* real pork sausages (real meat, not the full-of-bits-you-never-dreamed-of-frankfurter-type of sausage…though I love them too) with homemade chili-honey sauce (just equal quantities of chinese sweet chili sauce and ketchup, then add a bit of honey to taste) mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas

* tagliatelle pasta with cream, baby peas (from the freezer) and leftover sausage

* egg-fried rice with garlic, broccoli and prawns

* confit de canard (duck confit from a tin, all the way from La France: duck legs cooked then conserved in oil – just remove from the tin and grill until the skin is crispy – the meat falls off the bone…delish!), green beans with balsamic vinegar and honey, baby potatoes

That’s it for another week.

Bon appétit and have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂