Menu planning Thursday – 27 May 2010

Another week – another menu!


We didn’t have the homemade Danish fishcakes from last week’s menu, so – voilà – here they are again! Serving with little gem lettuce, ‘remoulade‘ relish, lemon/raisin/almond couscous.


Friends coming over for dinner. Smoked salmon/prawns on hot potato with dill dressing. (Yes, this one keeps popping up at the moment – a real summery starter.)

Followed by beef steaks, béarnaise sauce, green salad, baby potatoes. No dessert, just a huge bowl of sweets while we’re watching Disney Show! 🙂


Eurovision Song Contest night 😉 Homemade pepperoni pizza. Will make a nice dessert with the kids. Then sit back and let the voting begin!


A new tradition in the house…’Pasta with Leftovers’ night 😉


Something quick as I’m out with girls to Open Mike Night at Comedy Zoo! Quiche with bacon and cheddar cheese. I usually use this recipe from Recipezaar.


Scout night for both kids at different times. One of our stand-by meals: Danish biksemad. Cubes of potato and meat fried with onions, topped with an egg and served with cubed beetroot. Plenty of ketchup 😉


Roasted chicken legs, jasmine rice made in the ricecooker and fresh carrot/cucumber sticks.

Bon appétit! Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂