Pamper Monday – I’m in stitches…again!

Thanks to the Flylady, I’m constantly finding new ways to pamper myself, besides the obvious (though nonetheless extremely enjoyable) long bubble baths, reading a chapter of a book every night before bed, lighting a candle at breakfast etc, etc. There are some blogs I always make a beeline for – especially when I’m needing a little cheering up – and I thought I should pass them on to you lot. And they tie in just swell with my latest Scaredy Cat Challenge! 😉

My sweetie friend and ‘twister’ Krista (@luvschweetheart) mentioned the first (now sadly defunct) blog on And if you’ve ever tried making her Moistest Ever Brownies or Crockpot Lasagne, you will know that no further recommendation is required. You can find Krista’s recipes here. The other blogs I just ‘happened upon’.

Mascara warning! Mascara warning! Okay, now go have a wander around:

(there was actually an even better site called but that has mysteriously disappeared)

If that doesn’t hit the spot try

and for the sugar lovers

There. Have a fabulous Monday! 🙂