Day Ten – Family from Scotland (Are Going Home)

Wednesday 30 December

Well, here we are. Day Ten of my Mum, Dad, brother and niece from Scotland visiting us and it’s time for them to leave. Where did the time go? Good job I’ve been writing things up on the blog…we’ve actually done a heck of a lot! πŸ™‚

We all got up a bit earlier today. I made up some lasagne and put it in the crockpot for lunch. The family did their packing while DD7, DS10 and I put away some of the Christmas decorations. Our Christmas tree is also now out in the garden, awaiting refuse collection. I managed to trick DD7, DS10 and my niece into taking all the decorations off the Christmas tree by allowing them to keep anything edible that they found while doing it! πŸ˜‰

My family did some last minute gift shopping for friends back home at our local shops while I took DS10 for a much needed haircut. Then it was time for cake (yes, more cake!) and cups of tea for the adults and milky chai for the kids. A final check to make sure they hadn’t left anything behind and off in a taxi to the airport…

DD7 cried for about 15 minutes after they left – she was so sorry to see my brother and niece leave! πŸ™

Feels very quiet here tonight. And the house feels so big again! I’m heading off to bed now at 8.30pm. Going to have a nice, long shower with my new Crabtree & Evelyn bath goodies, taking a glass of white wine with me (and a bar of Ritter Sport peppermint chocolate) and going to read an Italian crime novel in bed (I’ve started reading one by Donna Leon).

Big night coming up tomorrow – need my beauty sleep! Goodnight! πŸ™‚