Day Three – Family from Scotland

Long lie in, breakfast at 10am (!), a bit of shopping and then DD7, DS9, niece and my brother made the most of the snow and built some snowmen in the garden

or how about the Loch Ness Snow Monster 😉

It’s ‘Little Christmas Eve’ here today – 23 December – so we decided to have a very ‘fresh’ dinner (before the heavy fare tomorrow evening) of smoked wild salmon from Skagen, prawns, salad and veggies and my homemade cold-risen bread which went down a bomb! 🙂

After a little bit of exercise – putting all the Christmas presents under the tree – we had DH’s homemade æbleskiver – recipe here – (Danish Christmas donuts) and gløgg (mulled wine) and watched Home Alone on the TV. DS9 declared it was the funniest film he had ever seen 🙂 DD7 seemed to enjoy it too

And now we’ve put some biscuits and a glass of milk for Santa(and a large carrot for Rudolph…) in the fireplace in the dining room. Here’s hoping Santa will come down that chimney and not the one in the living room, because we use the wood burning stove in there and he’ll burn his bot-bot 😉 So now it’s time for bed – nite! 🙂

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