Christmas Planning – 13 December 2009

First of all, happy 3rd Advent Sunday! We actually remembered to light our third candle this morning at breakfast – completely forgot last week! 😉

The best part of getting ready for Christmas with the Flylady is that I’m basically finished! 🙂 I’ve been doing the “Cruising for the Holidays” missions that Flylady sends out (reminders to get those Christmas cards written, buy your groceries well in advance etc) and made – and, perhaps more importantly, followed! 😉 – the Holiday Control Journal (a complete checklist of what needs doing). I’ve been using my HCJ for the last three years and just tweak it every time.

This week I finally got the last of the Christmas cards written and posted. Well, all bar one that still needs an address. But as the recipients never send us a card, I’m not too worried…

Picked up a few extra, small gifts last week. Worked on getting them wrapped yesterday, so the end is truly in sight 🙂

Most of the food and drink is in the house. I’ve already made a basic menu plan of what we’ll eat when my family come to stay (they’ll be here for 10 days – which is rather a lot of breakfast, lunch and dinners…) and I’m going to sit down tomorrow and make a detailed shopping list of the fresh vegetables, fruit etc that we’ll need. Must say that I’m feeling very pleased with myself that I’ve already booked my slot for a grocery delivery on the afternoon of 23 December (Christmas here is 24 December). We use yellowman, a Copenhagen company which only charges around 25 kroner ($4) per delivery. I’ve been using them once a week since the spring and all I can say is…brilliant!

The house is decorated, even the garden is looking good this year (all those 15 minute sessions have paid off) and we’re really enjoying our peaceful, candlelit evenings watching the Danish TV Advent Calendar for kids (24 episodes, this year the story is a bit like Lord of the Rings, but much more exciting!) while munching on clementines (which disappear just as fast as I fill up the dish).

Finally, don’t forgot to go and check what my ‘twisters’ have been doing: Candace, Krista and Pippa

Have a great week! 🙂