Christmas Planning – 22 November 2009

Can you feel it?! I can see it, at any rate. People are starting to put up Christmas lights in their gardens, invitations are coming thick and fast to Christmas parties, it’s suddenly okay to even mention Christmas, who’s coming for dinner, what the kids have on their wishlists etc. Hooray! 🙂

Started to feel a bit overwhelmed but – hey, stop a minute – checked my trusty Flylady “Holiday Control Journal” (which I started 3 years ago) and things are actually pretty good. Don’t think I’ve ever been so organised with Christmas gifts… Some of the food (and toilet roll/kitchen roll to last a nuclear fallout) is bought. Lots of wine and ‘good stuff’ in the pantry.  Christmas cards are underway and will post them next week. Yep, I’m feeling good! 🙂

Tasks for this week:

  • fit in a trip to the Tivoli Gardens with the kids
  • get the last of the kids presents
  • get the beer baskets for my Dad and brother
  • finish the Xmas cards
  • keep decluttering the house – makes SUCH  a difference 😉
  • take (even more…) time for me!

Candace, Krista and Pippa are also well on their way to having Best Christmas Ever. See how they do it! And don’t forget to check out the Flylady – it’s never too late! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas Planning – 22 November 2009”

  1. Thanks Pippa 🙂 I'm taking a leaf out of your book and making some meals for the freezer this week!

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