Spring, sand, sea and sun!

What a difference a month makes... Spring officially started here in Denmark on Saturday (1 March) and, though we've still got the odd night of frost, the erantis (Week Seven. Sea or sun?) are out in full force and things are definitely beginning to look up!  To give you an example...  Here's a photo I took… Continue reading Spring, sand, sea and sun!

Winter is (finally) here!

I don't know what we've done to appease the Danish Weather Gods this year but - holy mackerel, Batman - we' ve had the mildest winter since I arrived in Denmark 16 years ago! Normally we have the first snowflakes in November.   Hats, coats, gloves and thermal undwear are de rigueur through December, January and February.  And, come March,… Continue reading Winter is (finally) here!

You know you're in Denmark when… (No such thing as bad weather…)

 You know you're in Denmark when...The Danes just love the saying, "Der findes intet der hedder dårligt vejr, kun dårligt påklædning!"  ("There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!" - Alfred Wainright)  And we have more than our fair share of the wet stuff around these parts...  So a couple of weeks back, at the… Continue reading You know you're in Denmark when… (No such thing as bad weather…)

You know you’re in Denmark when… (Cycle attire)

While not an avid follower of fashion, I do try and take pride in my appearance.  (For example, I would never dream of leaving the house without mascara and lipgloss.  Hey, I don’t even walk around my own house without mascara or lipgloss – don’t want to scare myself in the mirror!) But these autumn mornings, when I’m biking… Continue reading You know you’re in Denmark when… (Cycle attire)

Farewell summer…hello winterbathing!

Early Monday morning – like most weekday mornings - I was down at the beach having a swim in the sea with my (fellow-female-heading-towards-50-year-old) buddies.  All our kids are back at school/college/work after the Danish 6-week-long summer holiday and, alack alas, the summery weather is beginning to follow suit.  Yep, the afternoons can be positively tropical but there’s a definite chill in the air… Continue reading Farewell summer…hello winterbathing!

Danish Heatwave is coming!

“Wow, have you seen the weather forecast? We’re in for a heatwave come Thursday!” That was the conversation I had with my vinterbadning (winterbathing) buddies this morning as, tugging our bathrobes tightly around us, we attempted to remove the last of the snow from the bathing bridge steps… [If you want to see what our… Continue reading Danish Heatwave is coming!

Winter bathing – who wants a slushice?

If you’ve a regular reader, you already know that I’m a h.u.g.e fan of vinterbadning. Winter bathing. Skinny dipping in the Danish sea. What ever you want to call it. Though I guess most people would probably just call it plain madness… I’m just back from this morning’s dip and can report that the sea… Continue reading Winter bathing – who wants a slushice?

Winterbathing for Dummies (Part Three – The Aftermath!)

Okay, so you did your homework (Winterbathing for Dummies – Be Prepared!) and have been for a skinny dip in the Danish sea (Winterbathing for Dummies – Taking the Plunge!). So now what? Chances are that you found it scary - but incredibly exhilarating – and are ready for more? Great! But stripping off down… Continue reading Winterbathing for Dummies (Part Three – The Aftermath!)

Winterbathing for Dummies (Part Two – Taking the Plunge!)

Last time I gave you a rundown of what you’ll need to do before you try winterbathing ( Winterbathing for Dummies (Part One – Be Prepared!) So, are you ready to go down to the beach and ‘take the plunge’?  February 2012 - the North sea has turned into slushice! Here’s what you need to know, before… Continue reading Winterbathing for Dummies (Part Two – Taking the Plunge!)

Winterbathing for Dummies (Part One – Be Prepared!)

When I first came to Copenhagen in 1998, I heard myths of crazy Danes who would bathe all year round in the sea. Then I spied them myself. Crossing the road. In their bathrobes. All along the coastal road -Strandvejen- from Hellerup (just north of Copenhagen) to Helsingør. Yes, I thought they were Completely Nuts.Surreal… Continue reading Winterbathing for Dummies (Part One – Be Prepared!)

Udderly fantastic?

[This post is also published over at http://www.blogs.denmark.dk - the official website of Denmark run by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs] My sweetie friend H held a girly birthday dinner bash at her flat on Saturday night.  After the main course, she got down to the serious business of unwrapping her gifts.  One by one.  Slowly.  Giving everyone… Continue reading Udderly fantastic?

If the (winterbathing) shoe fits…

What gear do you need to go winter bathing? Me in the water last Monday morning 🙂 Hmm, very little.  A nice, long, warm bathrobe.  And shoes.  Flipflops, of course, are great.  Easy to kick on and off.  Until, that is, the air temperature drops to around 4 degrees and the sand starts 'crunching' underfoot! ;D  So I've been… Continue reading If the (winterbathing) shoe fits…

1st November and still going strong!

Happy 1st November!  And congratulations to my friend V and I for making it through yet another month of Danish helårsbadning.  All-year-round sea bathing.  Daily skinny dipping.  Whatever you want to call it - we just can't get enough of it! My friend V after a dip on a warm September morning We've had all kinds of weather since… Continue reading 1st November and still going strong!