This week’s OOTDs (outfit of the day), 16 August 2020

Well, I can sum up this week’s Danish weather in one word. Hot! The heatwave continues here in Copenhagen and I have been pulling out all the stops and wearing the kind of outfits I’d usually wear while on holiday on the French Riviera or on a Greek island. It feels like we are on vacation! Today was a stifling 32c/89f. We don’t have airconditioning so are keeping cool with cold drinks, fans and (one of my favourite tricks which I learned from my Basque friend, Joxerramon) sleeping under a wet towel! Certainly makes for a restful night. Anyway, on with this weeks OOTDs!

If you’re looking for a capsule wardrobe system, I can thoroughly recommend the Dressing Your Truth system. Your best colours and styles are determined by your facial features/inner energy (my type is 1/4). It has been lifechanging for me and makes getting dressed so easy! (I’ve made several YouTube videos about my wardrobe, see below.) I use the Flylady system to keep me organised and my daily routine includes choosing my outfit a day in advance ( I check my diary/weather forecast to see what’s ahead). I hang my outfit on a hook on the back of our bedroom door and am ready to go the moment my feet hit the floor the next morning. Woo hoo, no stress!

Have a super Sunday – hope you’re keeping cool out there!

LLAP! May the Danish hygge be with you! Hugs!


If you’d like to see more about my wardrobe, “come along” to our famous Clothes Swap Parties, and see why I love using the Dressing Your Truth system, see my YouTube series!