Woo hoo, thanks again for all the brilliant ideas you have sent in for FLYLADY ZONE 1 (entry, hall, dining room ) Errand Day, self-care and gardening! I will add to the list as more ideas come in. Keep scrolling down, there is a lot of inspiration here!


  • fresh plants or flowers for the hall, porch or dining room
  • candles
  • lightbulbs
  • cleaning suppies
  • entry mat

And here’s a nice idea for Errand Day! “Errand day pampering for me usually includes a coffee and my favorite podcast or audiobook playing in the car as I go place to place. Simple but special.”

This is my โ€œself-preservationโ€ bingo card. I pick a couple of ideas from the lists below and it makes me more deliberate about โ€œtaking care of meโ€ during the week! You can click the photo, save and print or copy paste into your own document. Or if youโ€™d like to customise, hereโ€™s a link to Canva (though you need a paid subscription to edit)


  • cut a bloom from the garden/buy a single flower for the hallway
  • add a flower pot to your entryway/postbox area
  • โ€œredecorateโ€ the area with items borrowed from other places in the house (vase, candlestick, lamp)
  • add a blanket for the cooler evenings outside on the porch/veranda
  • use your “best” china and glasses from the dining room – every day is a special occasion!
  • use one of your “best” glasses (wine, crystal) and enjoy a glass of chilled water, add some fresh mint or a slice of lemon
  • set the dining table with flowers/candles, turn on some background music and enjoy lunch or dinner – alone/with family/online with friends
  • hang a crystal in the dining room window or entryway
  • make paper flowers to display on the dining room table
  • make a wreath or welcome sign for your front door
  • make a small “tableau” in the hall/entryway or dining room (some candles, a flower, a photoframe, something which makes you smile)
  • diffuse your favourite scent or light a candle while doing your zone work
  • listen to your favourite music/podcast while doing your zone work
  • once youโ€™ve completed some zone work (decluttering or cleaning), sit outside/in your favourite chair and read for fifteen minutes
  • sit outside on your porch/veranda and read or enjoy a cup of chilled water or hot coffee
  • sit outside on your porch/veranda and admire your efforts!


  • take a “step back” and look at your porch/entryway – what would a visitor notice?
  • clean and organize your deck/patio/porch
  • declutter dead plants, remove weeds from plant pots, etc
  • sweep the paths
  • sweep the pavement
  • prune any overhanging branches
  • sweep the garage
  • create a garden basket to live by the front door
  • create a herb pot to live by the front door
  • wash the front steps
  • wipe down the front door (repair/paint any scratches, etc)
  • remove weeds from the garden paths
  • dust off porch/veranda furniture
  • change the wreath/flower decoration/welcome sign

And if you’d like help with cleaning and decluttering in the Flylady Zones, I am here to guide you through!