Eurovision is coming! #Joinus ?


Just like Christmas, Eurovision is coming!  Unless you’ ve been living under a rock, you can’t possibly have failed to notice that Emmelie de Forrest won this year, bringing Eurovision back to Denmark for the third time…


Now listen up.  The first batch of tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10am via

Besides the Final on Saturday 10 May 2014 – which is taking place at Refshaleøen (or “Eurovision Island”, as it has quaintly been dubbed) – there will be tickets on sale for eight (count ’em) other shows!  Afternoon shows which will be suitable for families.  And jury shows, where you can live the excitement of the best part – the voting!  “Nul point” anyone? 😉

You can read up on the various shows here 

For information in Danish, go to

And, hey, don’t worry if you don’t manage to secure tickets tomorrow morning.  Because the logisitics for the show haven’t yet been sorted out yet, which means that only one third of the tickets will be sold tomorrow.  The remainder will be released for sale next year, starting 31 January 2014.

And the twitter hashtag for Eurovision in Denmark?  #Joinus  Will you?  Then you’d better get stocked up and get ready to fly the flag!

Eurovision is coming...get ready!

Diane 🙂



You know you're in Denmark when… (Kids and Booze)

You know you’re in Denmark when…  You have to be 18 years old to buy ciggies.  But you can buy alcohol at the tender age of 16! 

Yep, in Denmark, ‘still-at-school-16-year-olds’ can go into a supermarket or kiosk (newsagent) and legally buy alcohol.  Providing it’s less than 16.5% proof.  Which would be most wines, beer and alcopops…

But – hic – you want to enjoy a cognac with your cigar?  Sorry – you’re going to have to wait until the grand old age of 18!

Skål!  Med sodavand!  (Cheers!  With a soda!)

Diane 🙂



Danish Musical Therapy

It’s been one of those weeks, but finally Friday is here – can we have an ‘Amen’?  So I’m using some Danish musical therapy to eeeeeeeease me in to the weekend…

First of all, I’m going to chill tothe young Danish band Julias Moon – “Bay”.

Then will turn up the heat slightly and get in to dance mode with (Denmark’s answer to Justin Timberlake?) Christopher “Told you so”

And then I’ll be in fine fettle and ready for the home straight with an oldie (but very goodie!) from Folkets Rockband(“The Danish People’s Rockband”), Magtens Korridorer.  Here you have “A er på druk” (which roughly translates as “‘A’ is out on the town/out boozing”) – together with a quirky home video of what they get up to on tour…


Don’t forget to turn the music up to 11… Og skål!

Diane 🙂


Dear Santa (Up in Greenland)!

As the old song goes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Many Christmas markets are already open and this weekend marks the ceremonial ‘switching on of Christmas tree lights’ in our commune by Julemanden (Santa) – aided and abetted by the local firebrigade.  Decorations and fairy lights are going up faster than you can say ris à l’amande”And my husband will soon be popping on his apron for his ceremonial once-a-year (I kid you not..) stint in the kitchen.  To bake a huge batch of æbleskiver (Christmas donuts)

But back to Julemanden (Santa Claus).  Did you know that he lives in Greenland.  Yep, he even has his own personal postcode – 2412.  Don’t believe me?  Then go check the Greenlandish postal service.  And if your child writes him a letter, he’ll send them a reply!  And thousands of kids do put pen to paper – my husband snapped a picture of Julemanden’s postbox when he visited the town of Nuuk a few years ago…

 Simply address the envelope to





You can also write to Julemanden at his ‘offices’ in Copenhagen:




Remember to pop a stamp on the envelope.  Kr.12.50 if you’re writing to Greenland.  Kr. 8 to Copenhagen.

And last, but not least, don’t forget to include your name and address if you ho, ho, hope to hear back from Julemanden!

Diane 🙂

Vote! Get books!

You can’t open a newspaper or turn on the tv or radio at the moment without being bombarded with the Danish local and regional elections.  Hey, even bloggers are doing it… 😉  Election Time! Left. Right. Left, left, right!

But I digress!  Anway, getting non-traditional voters (a.k.a. The Young) to get out of their seats is the new black.  I had to laugh when a student explained in a radio interview why he probably wouldn’t be voting: “Well, um, I’m at High School so I’m, like you know, um, reeeeally busy and might not, um, have time to vote on the day.”  Ha!  Well, Sonny Jim, there’s no need to wait until 19 November…

Think before you (don't) vote!

You can go along to your local council offices right now and vote there.  Or even, as I did yesterday, at the library!  Hold on a mo’ – have I told you about my love affair with Danish libraries?  Oh, yes, I think I may have done… 🙂

Anyway, the library has little booths all set up.

You don’t even need to bring your Valgkort (voting card).  Give the Librarian some form of id, ideally your sygesikringskort (national health card).  Or your passport or driving licence.  They’ll check you out on the computer and give you two envelopes. Exhibits A and B…

Into the voting booth you go.  Remember to close the curtain for more dramatic effect! Inside each envelope you will find a voting card.  There are three boxes to choose from. Either write down Bogstavbetegnelse: the letter that represents the party you are voting for (e.g. A, B, C, etc).  Or  Listebetegnelse (Partinavn): the full name of the party you are voting for (Socialdemokraterne, Radikale Venstre) .  Or Kandidatnavn: the name of the candidate you are voting for (e.g, Frank N. Stein, Frank Furter).  Confused by all the different letters?  Go back and read Election Time! Left. Right. Left, left, right!

Close the envelopes.  Take them out to the Librarian, who puts them in a special envelope and asks for your signature.  And off the envelopes go by Special Post.

And if you get home and change your mind about who you’ve voted for?  Well, you can go back the next day and vote again.  If fact, you can vote as many times as you like up until 18 November – only your final vote will count.  Then again, you can always just wait until 19 November, and head for the (busy-at-peak-periods) polls.  But, hey, if you’re a student, who knows how busy you’ll be that day? 😉

Happy Thursday.  Get voting!  Check out some good books!

Diane 🙂

You know you're in Denmark when… (Slut!)

You know you’re in Denmark when your daughter finishes off every single story she writes with the word…”Slut”!

Before you go calling in the child psychologists, you should know that “slut” is Danish for “The End”.  And in Denmark you’ll see the word emblazoned on everything from power-point presentations to TV screens… 

Have a terrific Tuesday!  The End!

Diane 😉

PS:  A reader reminded me of another “slut” picture – from our family trip to Møn (the White Cliffs of Denmark) in October 2010.  Here it is, in case you missed it first time…  End of Sale!  “Slutspurt”!

Okay.  I promise.  This is definitely The End! 😉



5 November? Take off your trousers! (It's for a good cause…)

“Take off your trousers!  It’s for a good cause!”   This was the scene in a Copenhagen juice barrecently…

It is – selvfølgelig – part of a campaign to encourage the young (and not so young) to donate their old clothes for recycling, and so help the work of the Danish Red Cross.

Hmmmm.  So, on Tuesday 5 November, you might want to make sure you’re wearing two pairs of trousers when you leave the house? 😉

And remember that you can donate your old togs all year round at your local Red Cross recycling container or charity shop – find your nearest one here.

Diane 🙂